Why ShipForce?

At Shipforce we believe in true flat rate fulfillment.  You do not need to be a member or part of a club in order to get cost effective fulfillment rates.  We know every dollar counts and we do whatever we can to make your fulfillment process simple and affordable.  We also have extremely competitive shipping rates with all major carriers.  We pass our savings onto our customers.  Feel free to ship on our carrier accounts or we can ship on your preferred account as well.  

Price Comparison

Company # of Shipments Shipping Cost (12oz) Packaging Cost Fulfillment Total Cost
Average 3PL 8,000 $3.23 $0.15 $2.25
ShipForce 8,000 $3.01 $0.05 $0.75
Your total savings with ShipForce


Not yet convinced? Here are just a few more reasons to join ShipForce.

Fulfillment Rates

Starting at only $0.99 per package!

Access to All Carriers

DHL, FedEx, USPS, UPS.  Or ship on YOUR account


Extremely agressive rates


We will warehouse your entire inventory


No more loading data into shipping softwares


We’ll process them!


We provide trackable shipping


Ship thousands of orders per day. Fast turnaround = happy customers.

White Label Options

Your return address on the package. Your logo, branding, and packaging slips. It’s as if we don’t exist to your customers!

Ship Internationally!

Why limit yourself to just the U.S.?

Canada to the US

Save on postage and ship direct from the U.S.